Equestria is a land of peace and prosperity. Everypony lives easy and carefree lives. From Manehatten to Las Pegasus and in the small hamlet of Ponyville. While problems do arise and heroes will rise to the occasion, it has never been a problem that a small group of ponies, such as the Elements of Harmony or Ponyville’s rag tag band of impromptu adventurers.

However, it was not always that way. Before Luna’s fall, before Discord terrorized the land for the first time, there was war. A mighty Unicorn sorcerer rose up in the northern Crystal Empire and murdered the Crystal Princess and her entire court. He then used his dark and evil magic to conquer the empire that he had now claimed as his own and declared himself the King. King Sombra. He then set his sights on the land of Equestria. And he used his slaves hordes of Crystal Ponies to try and conquer it. This is a war that has raged for 5 years. With the 5 year stalemate, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have decided that a small team is needed to move around behind enemy lines and give them the edge they need.