Crystal Ponies

Glowing with love, respect, and tolerance (literally), Crystal Ponies are one of the most open and kind races in Equestria. Hailing from the Crystal Empire, the duty of these shining beings is to create love and spread beauty across the rest of Equestria. Even though these ponies are kind, they are far from weak. Crystal Ponies are known for being extremely resilient, shrugging off blunt hits without difficulty.

Physical Description The mane of a Crystal Pony is unusually any single color, spread out in flowing hues ranging from light to dark. The coat of a Crystal Pony is smooth, yet solid, like a gemstone, and just as vivid in color. Crystal Ponies prefer to style their manes and tails with golden fabrics or threads, accenting their sparkling appearance.

Society Crystal Pony society is full of rich culture and dashing style. All residents of the Crystal Empire are urged from a young age to spread love and kindness wherever they go. This undying love fuels the Crystal Heart at the center of the Kingdom, reflecting beauty across all of Equestria. High ranking guards are appointed to protecting the Crystal Heart, using weapons and armor made from delicate metals found near the Kingdom. The Crystal Empire is usually ruled by a Princess, much like Equestria. A Princess ruling over the Empire must be pure of heart and show outstanding wisdom and empathy, as well as leadership.

Relations Crystal Ponies are always happy to see other ponies, and take great joy in showing them tours of the Empire and showing off their beautiful attire. However, letting anything near the Crystal Heart is strictly forbidden, and can be punishable by death. Crystal Ponies have a very bad reputation with Dragons for obvious reasons.

Alignment & Religion Crystal Ponies are shining beings of kindness and love, and are almost always aligned with any type of Good. Evil Crystal Ponies are extremely rare, but not unheard of.

Adventures It’s uncommon for a Crystal Pony to leave the Empire, as they prefer to live around what is familiar to them. Those who do decide to leave, usually do so to spread their message of love to other parts of Equestria. Other times, they leave to seek big dreams, such as fame. Crystal Ponies make good Fighters and Paladins, but Crystal Pony Sorcerers are not unheard of.

Crystal Pony Racial Traits

Charisma +2, Constitution +2, Dexterity -2 Crystal Ponies shine with beauty, and are very resilient, but are a little clumsy.

Medium Crystal Ponies are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Average Speed Crystal Ponies have a base speed of 30 ft.

Quadruped +4 CMD vs Trip, +50% carrying capacity.

Crystalline Form Crystal Ponies have reflective, crystalline skin that grants them a +2 racial bonus to AC against rays. Once per day, they can deflect a single ray attack targeted at them as if they were using the Deflect Arrows feat.

Crystal Resistances Crystal Ponies have energy resistance 10 to acid and electricity.

Stonehide Crystal Ponies have DR/5 to bludgeoning damage, but take double damage from sonic attacks.

Crystal Magic Starting at level 1, Crystal Ponies gain the following spell-like abilities: 1/day – Light, Flare. The caster level for these spells is equal to the Crystal Pony’s level.

Gem Affinity Crystal Ponies receive a +3 on Appraise checks regarding gemstones.

Eye-Catching Crystal Ponies receive -2 to Sneak and Disguise checks.

Cutie Mark All Crystal Ponies may have a Cutie Mark.

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