Children of the sky, Pegasi are gifted with the ability of flight. Pegasi relish in their air found freedom, and a large portion of them never set food on solid ground. Pegasi are very impulsive and in a constant ste of flux, keeping nothing the same, save for friends. Because of this, many see Pegasi as nothing more than chasers of fancy and ponies prone to changing sides at a moment’s notice. In charge of the weather service, Pegasi are the only Ponies that are able to control the weather on a massive scale, building complex factories and cities high in the clouds, out of the reach of all other races. Despite this, Pegasi are loyal companions and kind hearted creatures; traits that are the mark of a good adventurer.

Physical Description Pegasus Ponies are of the same approximate size of Earth Ponies, but of leaner build. All Pegasi have a pair of wings growin out of their back. The coats of Pegasi tend to be dark, with brown and grey being the most common colors, with blue and white being the next most conventional. The manes of Pegasi can vary wildly, from a simple brown or black to a whole rainbow of colors on a single Pegasus.

Society Most Pegasi live amongst the clouds in large cities built right into the floating masses. Thanks to the Pegasi’s ability to walk on fog and vapor, they are able to construct nearly anything on top of clouds. Living miles in the sky, all Pegasi learn to fly at an early age, and those that don’t are often found taking residence in Earth Pony settlements. Pegasi tend to find work in the weather business as cloud chaser or rain maker, while a select few have the flying talent to become stunt performers. Those that do are held in the highest esteem, as to become a flying master is the highest honor a Pegasi can attain.

Relations As open as they sky they fly in, Pegasi get along well with nearly every creature they come across. While initially friendly, some Pegasi are very competative and excitable; traits which all too often lead to conflict with whomever they are currently with. Others are quiet and soft-spoken, choosing to avoid conflict at all cost and simply get back to their individual pleasures. Pegasi do have a good relationship with the Griffons, sometihing that is uncommon for the pony races, due to their shared ruling of the sky.

Alignement and Religion Pegasi are loyal to their friends and family, but are also drifters and wanderers. This leads many Pegasi to become Chaotic Good, those who do the right and kind thing despite what rules there may be. Pegasi favor rulers who encourage their wandering spirits, be it Celestia and Luna or Sombra.

Adventurers Never able to stay in one place, a Pegasus is always seeking out new adventures. The speed and agility of Pegasi, coupled with their ability to fly, makes them perfect for scouting and exploration. Many groups welcome these fiercely loyal compatriouts, and are glad to have such a stalwart heart by their side. Most Pegasi tend to be rogues or rangers, using their wings to fly in and out of combat with frightening ease.

Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution Pegasi are quick and charming, but their light frames that are critical to flight is weak in combat.

Medium Pegasi are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Fast Paced Pegasi have a base land speed of 40 ft.

Flight Pegasi gain the flight ability by using their wings at level one. At 1st level, Pegasi are clumsy (-8) at 3rd they are Poor (-4), at 7th they are average (0), at 11th they are good (4), and at 15th they are perfect (8). Fly becomes a class skill. Flight is unusable in medium or heavy armor without appropriate feats.

Quadruped +4 CMD vs Trip, +50% carrying capacity.

Super Speed Strut Pegasi are able to have speed of 60 feet by use of their wings, but only going in a straight line.

Cloudwalkers Pegasi may treate clouds and fog as solid ground or as vapor.

Languages: Pegasi begin play speaking Equestrian Common. Pegasi with high Intelligence scores can choose any language they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

Alternate racial traits

Clipped Wings Sometimes accidents happen, and a Pegasi looses its ability to fly. Many enter a state of depression that they never recover from, however, some learn form their Earth Pony friends skills or talents they never would have known about. Select 1 bonus feat at 1st level. Replaces Flight.

Agile Pegasi are fast and usually quick to respond in the air, mostly because they take in everything around them, subconsciously, while flying. +1 Dodge bonus to AC on the ground, +2 dodge bonus to AC while in the air. Replaces Super Speed Strut.

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