Most creatures in Equestria have a religion of some form. Be it Celestia or Luna for the common pony, or even Faust for older generations, the Sphinx for griffons, or Tiamat for dragons, most have someone they can worship.



Alignment Lawful Good
Domains Law, Good, Sun, Knowledge, Magic, Air
Favored Weapon Morningstar

The patron of the day, Princess Celestia is a mighty and benevolent ruler. She controls the rising of the sun in the morning, and its setting at night, opposite of her sister, Princess Luna, who does the same with the moon. She is a practical ruler, emphasizing knowledge, which, in Unicorn’s, leads to great magics and personal growth.



Alignment Chaotic Good
Domains Chaos, Good, Weather, Nobility, Darkness, Water
Favored Weapon Scythe

The Patron of the night, Princess Luna carries herself with a more traditional royal presence. Her control of the raising and setting of the moon mirrors her sister’s, Princess Celestia’s, power over the sun. While she has no problem showing off her Noble presence, her love for her subjects is no less then her sisters.



Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Good, Community, Animal, Healing, Liberation, Plant
Favored Weapon Gladius

Mother of Celestia and Luna, most information on her has passed long into history. Most rumored information on her is that every natural thing around the common pony was created from nothing by her, and when she created the pony races, followed by Celestia and Luna, and guiding them for a number of years, she simply vanished one day. However, her presence is still felt all over Equestria.


Starswirl the Bearded

Alignment Lawful Neutral
Domains Law, Magic, Knowledge, Rune, Protection, Artifice
Favored Weapon Quarterstaff

A mighty and powerful mage, Starswirl is credited with creating more magic then even Luna or Celestia themselves. While not a god, he is a Patron of magic, and many ponies draw power from his teachings, especially Unicorns.


The Sphinx

Alignment True Neutral
Domains Trickery, Knowledge, Magic, Death, Repose, Travel
Favored Weapon Scimitar

A frightening and mysterious creature, the Sphinx is a creature shrouded in myth, even to the Griffons who worship him. He is known for posing riddles to those he encounters, and draining the minds of those who fail to answer properly.



Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Domains Chaos, Charm, Luck, Madness, Trickery, Travel
Favored Weapon Short Sword

A mighty and powerful creature. The Draconequus, Discord, is a mighty Chimera, is a harbinger of Chaos and Madness. Everywhere he goes, common sense is useless and only the most mad pony can even begin to comprehend the insanity.



Alignment Lawful Evil
Domains Law, Evil, Magic, Darkness, War, Glory
Favored Weapon Whip

The Evil and sadistic leader of the Crystal Empire, Sombra is a mighty Unicorn, who’s powerful magic is enough to fight back the combined might of both Celestia and Luna. He grants power to his mightiest follower, many of which follow him willingly, and without question.


The Hive Mind

Alignment Neutral Evil
Domains Evil, Animal, Charm, Void, Strength, Trickery
Favored Weapon Chain Whip




Alignment Chaotic Evil
Domains Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Scalykind, Fire, Earth
Favored Weapon Spear

A terrible and mighty queen of the dragons, Tiamat is a fierce creature, quite content with destroying anything she dislikes. All dragons come from her, and the only thing she values is her children.


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